LocalBiz VORTEX 3.5 Is Now Here With Over 13 Awesome New Features That You Simply Must Have!

The Best Localbiz & Niche Website Creator There Is!


A Proven Performer for Over 4 Years, LocalBiz Vortex Offers Unique and Powerful Features For Creating Localbiz Sites. Now New Vortex 3.5 Has over 13 New Features and 44 Custom Styles That Will Give You MUCH More Versatility & Creative Control, Time Savings & The Ability To Generate HIGHER Profits.

…. So this is a very good example of how a Plain Container page can be used as a sales page.  And it also uses the new V3.5 Text Shadow effect for the Headline!

I have used the “Plain Container” option in the page editor, and also selected “full width”, and removed header & Footer and also was able to select the colors for both the page body (white),.. and the background, which in this case is light grey, but they could be any color at all by using the point & click color selector!


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