About Localbiz Vortex 3

LBV3-ebox-300-enhancedLocalbiz Vortex 3 is the result of over 3 years of development of the well renowned Localbiz Vortex software that has become an invaluable tool amongst local business marketers and niche website creators.

The original main focus for Localbiz Vortex was as a local business site builder that had excellent instant-impact and specific “calls to action” (CTA) mechanisms that generated direct responses from site visitors. Now with Localbiz Vortex-3 all of those CTA and visitor engagement mechanisms are still there and in fact improved upon but additionally there are also many other new features have been included which make Vortex-3 a site building tool that can be used by anyone and in particular for any site that needs to have cutting edge functions for local business sites and any kind of niche or special interest site.

Localbiz Vortex-3 has been re-engineered from the ground up to be compatible with the latest Internet protocols including WP 4.3.1. PHP 5.4+ and the responsive mobile environment. There are so many possibilities for Vortex-3 to create virtually any kind of site and that includes membership sites as Vortex-3 has variable sidebar options meaning that you can now have various pages each with their own distinctive custom sidebar relating to the page that’s being displayed.

Anyone who needs to build any kind of business site or niche site would be highly equipped to create a distinctive looking and powerfully functional site. We have already proven that much over the past couple of years, but more than that there are just so many other possibilities! Would Vortex-3 suit some of your own site building projects? To be honest, that’s a hard question to accurately answer and so therefore we would encourage you to find out for yourself. You don’t need to say “yes – definitely!”,.. you only need to say “maybe” and with that put it through its paces for 30 days and if it doesn’t do everything and more than you expected then we insist on giving you a full and immediate refund!

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