Localbiz Vortex 3 Questions!

Q. How Long Has LBV3 Been In Development?

A. Short Answer: About 3 months from the initial concept to the finished files. Longer Answer: Over 3 years in total. Localbiz Vortex grew out of our original WP-Localbiz theme which was first released in early 2011. So in total there’s at least 4 solid years of constant development of the Localbiz concept which has brought us to Localbiz Vortex 3.

Q. Is It Just For Localbiz Type Sites, or Can It Be Used Effectively For Others?

A. The primary focus of Localbiz Vortex is exactly that,.. “Local Biz”. The main emphasis from the outset was to create a landing page style of site that featured all of the required inclusions and CTA’s (Calls To Action) which appeared “Above The Fold” to avoid visitor disengagement and to encourage action. That’s why we have so many features that keep the main site content above the fold. You can show a lot of content in that space (including previews to internal pages via the sliding gallery), and we have lightbox popouts for forms, videos and even page i-frames. Bottom line is that LBV3 is ideal for localbiz (fully responsive mobile ready too), but also great for any niche or special interest sites, and now with the Plain Container page, you can create blank canvass style sales pages too!

Q. What Are Some Of The More Relevant New Styling Features in LBV3?

A. Really, there are so many new styling features, that its difficult to list them all and maintain focus. Personally, I think that the main salient and useful features would have to include the *Dual Navbar Option, which allows you to have the original “Button” style menu tabs (which have new styling controls too), but also you can now select a “Ribbon” style navbar (featured on this demo site) which is a popular alternative. You can set the height of that also, which can give some very distinctive options. Next up is probably the “Wrapper Margin” option that allows you to create a space of up to 30px above the header or below the footer. That can add a really nice effect when using the “Boxed” styling option. And to cap it off with another simple feature, I’d have to give a special mention to the *Plain Container page option which allows you to create blank canvass style pages. Finally,.. there’s a *Secondary Top-Thin-Banner which you can use to run html, plugins or text,.. and the height is variable also!

Q. What Are The Distinctions Between The License Types In LBV3?

A. So we have three basic license types. The first is the PERSONAL license type which allows the licensee to install and activate the Localbiz Vortex 3 on up to 25 domains personally owned. This is an ideal license for anyone wishing to deploy multiple instances of the theme within their own site network.

The other 2 license types  (DEVELOPER & ENTERPRISE) are virtually identical to each other in that they allow unlimited deployment of the theme to site domains both personally owned and client owned. This of course is ideal to the developer of websites and localbiz entreprenuers that have clients. The Enterprise license has the additonal feature of the inclusion of a white label rebranding option to overwrite your own name as the theme author and with your own theme name & thumbnail image. This is useful when creating sites for clients where you want to modify the theme specifically for them and so you might then give the theme its own title (with you as the author) so that they don’t ever see the Localbiz Vortex branding and so all links point back to you as the theme/site designer and not Vortex!

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