New Features

There Are Over 20 New Features In Vortex 3, Here Are The Main Ones:

  1. New Nivo Slider with added variety of sliding gallery effects
  2. New Nav Bar Menu Option allows either *Button or *Ribbon type menu tabs. Also control padding under the tabs between top of header, and has control for tab height and tab borders.
  3. Auto activated collapsible menu when sites being viewed in mobile devices.
  4. New Control Panel tab for  “Custom CSS” (make your custom styles “upgrade proof”)
  5. Secondary “Top Thin Banner” to allow for extra info, ticker-tape texts or social media (short_code enabled). Plus option for resizing of texts & toggle switch for style-switcher.
  6. New option to increase margin around site wrapper (creates space above header & below footer to give added styling effects).
  7. New option to create “Plain Container” background for pages (create blank canvass pages for custom styling and sales page types)
  8. New widget created to enable recreation of Featured Sidebar content (CTA’s etc.) in custom sidebars.
  9. New “Flashing Text” short_code button added to WP editor to create “flashing text” anywhere.
  10. New Template (Full Page + Featured Sidebar) Removes sliding panel and testimonial box but retains the featured sidebar with CTA side widget
  11. Option to Show/Hide The CTA top arrow/box on selected pages
  12. Custom Widgets for any page: Create different header or sidebar widgets using CTA arrow or custom box/image/video/text for any page
  13. Show/Hide default WP header title text when using a custom header background (allows use of the effects text header tool or a custom text embedded into the header background graphic.
  14. Selectable colors of site-wide links (hover/active/visited). This allows you to make links very visible no matter what color scheme you have used!
  15. Quote Rotator (Testimonials) short_code that allows you to feature the quote rotator in featured text box or sidebars.
  16. Full-Width Sliding Gallery (can place the Quote Rotator elsewhere now).
  17. Color picker for the right hand sidebar (with opacity control)
  18. Show/Hide option for Top-Middle-Bottom lines of text in the Featured (CTA) Sidebar. This is a very handy control that can save a lot of time.
  19. Transparent CTA arrow/box background added so that only fancy text shows without any CTA background showing (by popular request)
  20. Site Wizard now has “Working” icon and notification that site has been created.

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