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Vortex 3.5 Secondary Top Thin Banner - Use This For HTML enabled Text, Social Media & Short_code!
Vortex 3.5 Is Here!
This is the most versatile & easy to use Localbiz site builder ever created. Prepare to be AMAZED!

Now you can have different header CTA boxes (as above,- using text effects) for various pages. So you could have a CTA arrow or box on one page, a video on another, a graphic on another,.. or none at all!

You can also toggle on/off these text sections that you're reading now, so as to feature images, video, forms,.. and activate the text later at the flick of a switch!

Vortex 3 Now Has a short_code function to allow you to feature the Quote Rotator to any location within your site. In this case I've dropped the shortcode underneath this text, but I could also have it on any page or in any sidebar. You can use it to rotate text, images, or videos!

Useful Tips

Another Thing Worth Knowing,... you can selectively remove *Top-Thin-Banner(s), *Header, *Menu Bar, *Footer, and/or *Sidebars from any page just by using the new Vortex 3 "Vortex Layout Options"! Localbiz Vortex 3.5